Several Muthanna-Abbadi province issues resolutions (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
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Several Muthanna-Abbadi province issues resolutions

Several Muthanna-Abbadi province issues resolutions

Several Muthanna-Abbadi province issues resolutions

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/ Baghdad
The media office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Saturday that the latter issued several decisions concerning the province of Muthanna, while pointing out that the government’s duty is to listen to citizens and respond to their requests.

Abadi said during his meeting with two delegations from the Muthanna province of elders and dignitaries and representatives of the demonstrators, in the presence of members of the crisis cell service and security and listen to their demands and discussed, “The services and security go in a coherent way and it is important to cooperate with the sons of our security forces to protect the country,” stressing that ” Communicate with citizens, listen to them, consider their requests and respond to them. ”
Abadi issues a number of decisions concerning the province of Dhi Qar
The service and security crisis cell holds its first meeting headed by Abadi and takes a number of decisions

“We have steadfastly and victorious against terrorism and we start to build and provide services, construction and reconstruction, and we must cooperate with a federal and local government, tribes, citizens, institutions and organizations to provide a service. Fighting and conflict will not provide this service to citizens,” Abadi said, , Warning of “the owners of agendas want to sabotage your demonstrations and sabotage the situation, the citizen has real demands and we want to meet them.”

The media office said that “the two meetings issued decisions on the Prime Minister, which is the launch of appointments to the degrees of movement of owners in Muthanna province, and the cost of the Ministry of Finance to provide financial cover in different sectors,” adding that he decided “to review the development of regions and projects ministries to provide appropriate funding for the basic ones , And review the problems of the water project of Samawah Al-Kabeer to resume work to achieve it. ”

The office added that Abbadi decided to “evaluate the bridge project in the city and work to lift the rubble and open the streets immediately and provide the necessary funding, and cover the second corridor of the entrance to the city of Samawa and immediately start and provide funding, and address the problem of completion of bridge Draghi concrete and provide the necessary funding.”

The ministry said that it was approved “to solve the forms of the vegetable water project immediately in coordination between the Ministry of Construction and Municipalities and the Ministry of Planning, and completion of the draft streams Rumaitha district and funding allocation scheduled for the year 2018 and verify the payment of the link without a service.”

The ministry added that the prime minister decided to “complete the funding of Muthanna Health Department’s budget to provide medicines and health supplies, and the Ministry of Health to facilitate the procurement procedures regarding the examination of medical materials and study the reasons for delay in the German hospital.

The Ministry of Water Resources has secured the share of Al-Muthanna Governorate from the Euphrates River and the Hilla River for drinking and watering, and the financing of the water enhancement project under the auspices of the Ministry of Water Resources. What was installed in the general budget for 2018. ”

The office confirmed that the Ministry of Electricity to submit an immediate report on the requirements required to ensure the share of the province of electricity and investigate the reasons for the decline of voltages in some areas, and to ensure the share of allocations of social welfare of the province and confirm priority given to poverty reduction strategy projects.

The office explained that it was decided to “immediately work on linking the basic services of residential apartments in Al-Rumaitha and Um Al-Asafir, addressing the need for a suitable card station for Al-Hilal, and providing an immediate disclosure of the street stoning plan in Al-Rumaitha district and implementation of Resolution 52 of 2017 on wages.”

Since the beginning of July, the central and southern governorates of Iraq have witnessed protests demanding the provision of services such as electricity, potable water, job creation as well as the elimination of corruption, with violence and the burning of headquarters of a number of political parties.

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