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/ Baghdad Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture Taher al-Hamoud stressed on Friday that the ministry should be the task of reform and change, while the minister of culture is not a condition to be a poet, artist or writer who has no dust, but to improve the management of culture in order to achieve […]

Ragheb Alama posted a video through his official pages on social networking sites, asking his followers and fans to write about a video clip of his new song “Ridli Kalamati”. WIN WIN WIN 🎉 🎉 🎉Send us your most creative ideas to be produced in the Superstar Ragheb Alama's upcoming music video 'Reddeli Kelmati'. We […]

  The star, Seymour Jalal, released the video clip of his new song “Yala Ngani” directed at children, one of the songs and distribution of American Tommy Wilson. The work comes within the framework of a charitable project aimed at children in Iraq and the Arab world. The song urges charity and human solidarity, and […]

Tamer Hosny has published a very funny video of a girl, on his own account on Instagram, and she sings his song “Aish Bhoqak”. “My heart, my people, our Lord, protect you and all our children, O Lord,” Hosny commented on the video. It is noteworthy that the handsome girl kidnapped the hearts of fans […]

World Hollywood actor Jackie Chan published his memoirs, translated into English, “Never Grow Up” and published the book on Tuesday, revealing many of the life secrets of the actor. His memoirs provoked widespread controversy among his fans and shocked many of them, admitting that he was a horrible person in his private life, according to […]

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